Uva province consists of two districts namely Badulla and Monaragala. Characteristics of different types of landforms such as mountain areas, slopes, ravines and flatlands are common icons in Uva province. The primary livelihood of Uva province is Agriculture. But farms are located outside the urban areas and also Uva province is named as slowly developing province. Thereby, Provincial road development department provides major contribution to economic growth by transporting agricultural products from agricultural areas through upgrading C, D & E class roads.

By the gazette published in 2014 total road length 2385km is under the purview of Uva province road development department and the department has 6 engineering divisions such as Badulla, Diyathalawa, Welimada, Mahiyanganaya, Monaragala and Wellawaya to monitor the provincial roads. Each and every division has a Divisional Engineer who has the responsibility to divisional roads.

The number of running vehicles in Sri Lanka are increasing day by day. In that case existing roads are decided to do networking. Our main objective is to develop the internal road system which were published by the gazette of provincial council as C, D & E grades in aids of provincial council funds, project funds and donor funds.

Due to the increment of travelling and transportation, the essential necessities such as Education, Health Care, Electricity and Water supply, Social and Agriculture, marketing of goods can be rapidly increased. As well as travelling time, travelling cost and price of the products decreased.

Due to all the facts above the Social and economic growth of the Uva province will be increased as an ultimate goal.

In case of that following projects/programs will be implemented by the Uva provincial road development department.

  • Provincial Specific Development Grant program
  • Provisional Road Maintenance program
  • Special Needs Village Development program
  • Climate Resilience Improvement Project (CRIP)
  • Bridge Project
  • World bank funded Transport Connectivity and Asset Management Project- Provincial Road Development Project (TCAMP-PRDP)
  • Criteria Based Grant ( CBG )