Provincial Specific Development Grant (PSDG)

  • Procedure
  • PSDG Programmed is the main programmed in the PRDD and it full fill the   Capital needs required to develop the  provincial road network.


  • Approved funds allocated for all six divisions based on the road length and divisional engineers are responsible to give their priority  road list which is  need to developed.


  • Preparing final Annual PSDG Plane by the Head Office and obtain the approval via the Chief Secretary .


  • Services

Road Maintenance

  • Premix Patching
  • Gravel Laying
  • Second Coat Tarring

Road Rehabilitation

  • Pothole Patching and Tarring
  • Rehabilitation of Structures

Road Improvement

  • New Metaling
  • Over Laying

Upgrade Estate and Local Government Roads

Capacity Building of the Department Staff

Improvement of Premix Yards and allocation for name boards .